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Project skate is a radio documentary and multimedia site created to tell the story of Vancouver’s iconic skateboard plaza and its eventual demise.

With the impending removal of the West Georgia street viaduct, the False Creek area will see an array of changes as the gentrification of Metro Vancouver progresses.


Our objective is to not only tell the story of the Skate Plaza itself but also of those that have been a part of its rich history.




Vancouver’s Skate Plaza was built in 2004 and is one of the world’s first Street style plaza skate parks.


The Plaza was originally built by New Line Skate Parks and was in response to the increase in popularity of street skateboarding and the strictness of Downtown Vancouver against skateboarders.


The Plaza was named number 21 on the top-25 list of best skate parks in the world by Complex.


Meet The Team

Noah Bergstrom

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Noah Bergstrom is an avid snowboarder, self proclaimed adventurer, and huge sports fan. Noah takes on projects like this because of an interest in pop culture as well as history, and hopes to become a Letterman-lite someday.

Graham Cox

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Graham is an avid photographer that enjoyed visually capturing the skate culture in motion during this project. He says hanging around The Plaza made him desperately want to play Tony Hawk's Underground again.

Michael Panes

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Michael is a journalism student that is passionate about human-interest stories and local news. As a teenager growing up skateboarding in Richmond, BC some of his best memories were made in the park with friends. 

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Project Skate Team​

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